Thursday, March 4, 2010

out of the rubble

We took a 5 hour bus ride from Wellington to Napier. Napier is on the east coast (the Pacific Ocean - that still takes some getting used to) of the North Island. This area is also wine country. It is referred to as Hawkes Bay. While the South Island has been successful in making world class white wines, this region not only makes the whites but also some reds.

Napier is known as the Art Deco capital of the world. Many of the buildings were built in the Art Deco style of the 1930's. They had a unique opportunity since the town was all but destroyed by a 7.8 earthquake in February 1931. 261 people died in the devastation and, having seen some of the footage of the aftermath, it is a wonder more didn't. The Art Deco style was in vogue and many of the buildings in town were built accordingly. It is a fun reputation the town has embraced.

We happened to be out on the beach watching the stars this evening when we were treated to the rising of the moon over the water. That is an experience I have never had being a midwesterner. It was amazing to see it appear out of nowhere and climb into the sky.

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