Thursday, February 4, 2010

takin' it to the streets: busker festival

There is currently a festival going on in town celebrating buskers (a term I learned during my last visit) or street performers. They have brought in a handful of world reknowned buskers to entertain. They have closed off a section of the main street in town and the performers set up their props and get down to business. One act is a full fledged circus aerial performance with trapeze stunts and the works. These folks are not compensated. Their only form of pay comes from a passing of the hat after their act. The circus act was nearly an hour long with 5 performers, an elaborate set, sound system, etc. I don't know how they make it work financially. We watched a magician/comedian do his routine for about 45 minutes. He has won awards throughout the world including Germany, the UK and Australia. Not only was he a great magician, he was very funny and managed to pick on just about everybody passing by. Pretty entertaining so long as you don't get noticed. The event started on Thursday and continues through Sunday.

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