Friday, February 26, 2010

cicada symphony

As summer winds down here, the cicadas are in full swing. If you are not familiar with these insects, they are rather noisy and apparantly like the Nelson region as much as I do. Amazingly, they spend 13 to 17 years underground until they emerge to live a very short life (I've heard less than a week but have not been able to confirm that) above ground. But, one thing I can confirm is that while above ground, they make their presence known! They are making noise from sun-up to sun-down and, as Brenda says, could drive someone crazy if unable to tune them out (they don't bother me too much). If you look closely at the photo, you can see the cicada with its translucent wings. I've attempted to attach a video clip that you might just be able to hear them. It may take some time to load, so please be patient. Please send me a note whether you can or cannot view the video so I know whether it works or not.

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