Thursday, February 18, 2010

hangin' around

The last couple of days we've been taking a breather along with the weather. It rained off and on today. Hey, it can't all be perfect:). The forecast is for chamber of commerce type weather the next few days. So, we'll take a rainy one once in a while. We've noticed the days beginning to get shorter, which means you must notice them getting longer at home. It will be good to get home to enjoy the days lengthening again! We feel so fortunate to be able to be here and enjoy our 1st of 2summers in 2010. Anyway, I've attached some photos of our surroundings and activities. One is a panoramic view looking away from Nelson from the geographic center of NZ which is on top of one of the lovely hills that surround this beautiful town. Another is from quiz night at our adopted neighborhood tavern. The quizmaster has positioned himself on top of the bar. Finally, there is a shot from a beautiful little park where we had a nice picnic lunch on a pretty summer day. There is a nice war memorial in the center of this park honoring those kiwis who served in the world wars.

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