Monday, January 18, 2010

feels like home

We've been in Nelson since Friday. It is great to be back and the weather has greeted us nicely. Temperatures in the 70's with ocean breezes have made these long summer days beautiful. The locals say the summer hasn't been great so far this year. Maybe we'll be here to enjoy the good part! I managed to find a couple second hand bikes that I have brought into ride-able condition. That is what we are using to get around. Our house is on a hill overlooking the Maitai valley to the southeast and east and the Tasman Bay to the southwest and west. We are up quite high from the valley floor, high enough that we have get off and walk our bicycles on the way up. Aside from having to climb the hill, it is fun not needing a car. The sweet corn and cherries are in season and we are thoroughly enjoying them.

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