Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NZ nice

When I was in NZ 2 years ago, I happened to pair up with a couple of guys on the golf course one day. This was a pure happenstance situation. I was playing as a single and there was a 2-some behind me. I waited on one of the tees for them to catch up and we played together the rest of the way. Well, after playing our round of golf, one of the fellas asked me if I'd like to join them for dinner. You see, this was a common occurrence for these 2. They would play golf once a week and return to a delicious meal his wife had prepared for them. Luckily for me, Jane had prepared enough that day that one extra plate was not a problem. Well, we struck up a friendship. When Chris arrived for his holiday break, my new friend, John, invited Chris and me to play golf with his buddies and him, and invited us over for meals and barbeques, and just plain went above and beyond what anyone would normally do. They even brought me to the airport when it was time for me to fly back home. We have remained in communication since then, shared emails and exchanged Christmas cards.

When we arrived in Nelson a couple days ago, John contacted us and asked if we'd like to meet for coffee. Brenda had been here for such a short time that she didn't get a chance to meet them. So, on a beautiful Sunday morning in January, we got reacquainted over a cup of coffee and Brenda had a chance to meet John and Jane. It was like no time had passed.

Tomorrow we've been invited to dinner with them. I don't know why they are so nice to us, but I sure am happy about it.


  1. Hey! Say hi to John and Jane for me! A couple things:

    1) I figured out that mysterious charge on my debit card. Nothing to worry about.

    2) I got a couple vinyl albums at Half-Price books and it inspired me to try to fix the turntable. Some tape was necessary, but now it plays like a dream! I fixed it by taping the 33/45 button half down so that it plays at a speed inbetween the two. Not sure if it sounds any better on vinyl than a CD or MP3, but I feel cooler listening to it that way!

    3) Tell Mom I forgot to send her first GCW letters out... sorry! She got many calls about it, though, so I don't think that anyone forgot :)

    4) I sent your golf club in about a week ago. I got delivery confirmation but haven't checked it yet. I will check when I get home tonight.

    Love you guys!

  2. I think one of the best things about travel is all the wonderful people you meet, and that it's so easy now to stay connected.