Tuesday, January 12, 2010

like what you do

We took a bus from Queenstown to Dunedin the other day. This is about a 5 hour drive over and around mountains, through river gorges, across plains, and out to the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful trip with never a dull moment. At one point the bus stopped for a short snack break. While we were stopped I asked the driver if he drove that route regularly. He stated he had been driving it for 25 years. I asked if he got tired of driving the same route. He said he absolutely loved it. Now, this is beautiful country so it is not your typical 5 hours of freeway drudgery. Nevertheless, I don't think I could drive the same route for one week let alone 25 years. Clearly he found the right job!

Dunedin is a neat city of 100k+ on the east coast of NZ. It has many interesting buildings architecturally. My favorite was the train station. It is a Flemish Renaissance-style building built in the early 20th century. The platform is more than a kilometer long. It has a clock tower that is 37 meters high and, like European public clocks, it keeps good time! It is an amazing building that the city has maintained and is truly a treasure.

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