Tuesday, January 26, 2010

no shirt, no shoes, no problem

It is interesting observing the subtle differences between the norms that we as Americans become used to and what is normal elsewhere. New Zealand appears to me to be a very laid back place. For example, it is not uncommon to see someone doing their grocery shopping barefoot. Obviously, this is an absolute show stopper at home. Yet, the kiwis have a different perspective and it is enlightening to see things done differently and equally effectively.

On the other hand, I played golf with my friend John the other day at his club in a town a short drive south of Nelson. This is a nice small town club with a fun group of guys. They have a weekly event with some small prizes to the top couple finishers. After our round we gathered in the clubhouse. John politely counselled me to leave my hat in the car. I told him I'd just wear it. He then went on to explain that hats were not allowed in the clubhouse. I found that very interesting and surprising in a society that seems so casual. I am still learning.

We are enjoying the fruits of summer, literally. There is a produce market in town with fresh picked fruits and veggies that we have been buying sweet corn and cherries from. There is also a farmers' market each Friday that we have not been able to get to yet. Maybe this week. It is a real treat to have access to summer-time fresh produce in January!

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  1. Strange with the hats thing... it's weird that they'd be stricter in NZ than they are here. I've never heard of a clubhouse here that doesn't allow you to wear your hat!

    Hope you're having fun :)