Friday, January 29, 2010

walking the beach

Nelson has a reputation for being the sunniest place in NZ. They track the number of hours of sunshine and there is a national rivalry as to who has bragging rights. Nelson edged out the neighboring town of Blenheim for 2009. We have had a stretch of beautiful weather this past week. We took advantage a couple days ago and walked the Tahunanui beach. The sun is very intense here due to the proximity of the hole in the ozone. They recommend limited sun exposure between 11 and 4. Sunscreen is an absolute must. Unfortunately, while strolling the beach, the ocean water managed to remove the sunscreen on my feet. The tops of my feet are now a crimson color:(. Ah, sunburn in January...


  1. Say Scott, the picture is great. It looks just like the North Shore!

    Brother Steve

  2. Hi Steve!

    Maybe the north shore of the Bay of Tasman!:)